A Fabulous Failure How NZ’s Queen of Property Turned Failure into Fabulous


A Fabulous Failure How NZ’s Queen of Property Turned Failure into Fabulous

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A Fabulous FailurenHow New Zealand’s Queen of Property Turned Failure into Fabulous

By Nikki Connors

Failure is just another life lesson. Learn from it and move on. Known as New Zealand’s Queen of Property Investment, Nicolette Connors’ life has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Enjoying mega riches and business success, she also danced with the dark side, enduring bankruptcy, domestic violence and depression. With bags of smarts, passion and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Nicolette cut a dash in advertising, film, television and publishing, creating cheeky start-up companies that were the envy of many. She also found time to marry (twice) and become a devoted mother to son Nico. And while relationships were Nicolette’s nemesis — breaking both her heart and her bank balance — resilience became her middle name. Telling her story with disarming wit and candour, Nicolette sees her failures in business and relationships as fabulous lessons, ones which have ultimately led to her current happiness and success. A self-described ‘fabulous failure’, Nicolette believes that property investment has been the key to her salvation. Now once again financially independent, she wants to ‘pay it forward’ and has made it her mission to help others enjoy a better life — both now and in retirement — through investing in property. ‘We all experience failure — every single one of us. It is fair to say you haven’t done anything of note unless you’ve tasted bitter disappointment and sometimes failed. The key to true happiness and success is to make certain those failures don’t define you and they can transform themselves into opportunities that will carry you forward — towards great personal victories, big and small.’ So fail and be fabulous!

Hardback, 2016 , 222 pages, very good condition