Get Rich Slow by Mary Holm


Get Rich Slow by Mary Holm

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GET RICH SLOW – How to Grow Youth Wealth the Safe and Savvy WaynnAuthor: Mary HolmnnMost of us lack the nerve to be entrepreneurs, but award-winning finance writer Mary Holm shows how you can get richer – slowly but surely – and still sleep soundly.nnAll get rich quick ideas involve risk, and often also time, effort and the other key ingredient – luck. For those of us who are happy to settle for less risk, and less work, Get Rich Slow provides an accessible, step-by-step look at how to safely grow wealthier.nnYou may be grappling with an important financial decision, such as:nShould I buy a house or continue to rent?nWhen should I start to invest, and in what?nHow do I prepare for my retirement?nShould I buy an investment property or invest in shares?nSome of Marys answers may surprise you with another way to look at the issues involved in these decisions.nnGet Rich Slow also includes insightful chapters on teaching children the value of money, how our gender affects our investing, good borrowing versus bad borrowing, debt management and many more personal finance issues.nnPaperback, 2006, 236 pages, very good condition