Make Up Your Mind A Decision Making Guide Hal Mooz


Make Up Your Mind A Decision Making Guide Hal Mooz

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Make Up Your Mind: A Decision Making Guide to Thinking Clearly and Choosing Wisely nby Hal Mooz nnHardback, 2012, 166pages, excellent conditionnnA proven decision-making system guides readers to the right choice every timennMake Up Your Mind provides author Hal Mooz?s proprietary system for decision making. This approach consists of three decision-making models, including: the Decision Type Model, which characterizes what is at stake with any decision; the Decision Solution Model, which frames the most suitable alternatives; and the Decision Judgment Model, which provides ten bases for judging alternatives, some of which may be defensible and others that, although popular, may not be defensible to challenge. These models guide the reader’s thinking to the most promising alternatives and the best choice.nn A decision fit person enjoys the benefit of thinking clearly about decisions and their outcomes and is competent to act knowledgeably and decisively about creating the alternatives and judging them appropriately.nnBecome decision fit. Think clearly and act decisively on your own decisions and help others to do the same.