Let Go to Grow Escaping the Commodity Trap


Let Go to Grow Escaping the Commodity Trap

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Let Go to Grow Escaping the Commodity Trapnby Linda S. Sanford, Dave TaylornThis is a business book that shows the reader how to look at their businessissues and gain an advantage over their competitors by embracing IBM’s OnDemand strategy. On Demand is really just a new way of looking at what ishappening in today’s markets due to computer technology and fasterinformation delivery. Companies are leaping over competition by embracingthe technology changes and dealing with their customers and suppliers not in alinear fashion but as a “value space”. It is no longer a supply chain. Chainimplies linearity. Instaneous need fulfillment is the answer. Those supplierswho can deliver will gain share and this book talks about the internal personnelissues, management issues and business culture issues necessary to make ithappen.On Demand is now gaining strength and acceptance in the market. You can seeit in the amazing push to grid computing that we are seeing now, theoutsourcing phenomenon, and other issues. It is IBM’s theme for theforeseeable future.nnHardback, 2005, 202pages, very good condition