Financial Security in Troubled Times


Financial Security in Troubled Times

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Financial Security in Troubled Times: What You Need to Do Now nby Ric EdelmannnAs a result of the widespread fear of economic downturn that followed the September 11, 2001, attacks, personal finance expert Ric Edelman found himself besieged by questions from people concerned about securing their financial assets. In order to help, he wrote this book, which covers everything from insurance to mortgages, investment strategies, estate planning, and the importance of cash reserves. Also included is information for people who have lost their jobs and are wondering how to manage their money while they look for new employment. One of the great thing about Edelman’s book is that anyone who wants to set their finances in better order can use it: The advice offered is straightforward, honest, and supported by clear explanations of terms and procedures. This is a highly valuable book both for people who feel worried about their current financial state and want some direct, basic advice to help steer them through their difficulties.nnPaperback, 2002 144pages, good condition