The Crisis of Global Capitalism by George Soros


The Crisis of Global Capitalism by George Soros

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The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered
by George Soros

George Soros is a legend in the world of finance, a man whose name is known from Wall Street to Wuhan, from Manchester to Moscow, from Brussels to Bangkok. His Quantum Fund has been the best-performing investment fund in history and his foundations have helped reshape the post-Cold War world. Now Soros applies all of his wisdom, expertise and insight to explain what’s happening in the collapsing global economy. The result is a brilliant work of profound importance, a startling critique of what’s gone wrong and an inspiring vision of how it can be fixed.

In THE CRISIS OF GLOBAL CAPITALISM, Soros dissects the current crisis and economic theory in general, revealing how theoretical assumptions have combined with human behavior to lead to today’s mess. He shows how unquestioning faith in market forces blinds us to crucial instabilities, and how those instabilities have chain-reacted to cause the current crisis-a crisis that has the potential to get much, much worse. But there is a way out, and it involves embracing the concept of the open society. And by doing so we can save not only our financial system, but also our civilization.

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