Sport is Life, Life is Sport by Paul & Tami Roos


Sport is Life, Life is Sport by Paul & Tami Roos

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Sport is Life, Life is SportnBy Paul Roos, Tami Roos nnPaul Roos is one of the most highly respected coaches in Australian sport. Since he took on the coaching job for the Sydney Swans in 2000, his unique approach to motivation and leadership has transformed the Swans from bottom-of-the-table dwellers to two-time grand finalists and 2005 premiership winners. Here, Roos reveals the man behind the persona: a man deeply committed to family, balance and well-being, as well as to coaching. His wife, Tami, joins him as they reveal the secrets and strategies behind the Roos approach to life. Roos divulges his until-now undisclosed coaching code, the ‘list’ he made as a player, and sheds light on the leadership structure that makes the premiership-winning Sydney Swans the heart and soul of Aussie Rules in New South Wales.nnPaperback, 2009 , 240 pages, very good condition