Full Circle One Life, Many Lessons by John Maclean


Full Circle One Life, Many Lessons by John Maclean

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Full Circle One Life, Many Lessonsnby John Maclean, Lynne CossarnnJohn Maclean is an extraordinary man whose life has come full circle. After winning silver in rowing at the Beijing Paralympics, the last of many incredible sporting quests that have seen him swim the English channel and finish the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon, he realised he needed to confront his past and the road accident that had left him paraplegic at the age of 22 if he was to move beyond the physical challenges that had defined his life since. To establish the foundation for a future that would allow him to share his life learnings, begin a deep and sustaining relationship and look forward to raising a family of his own, he set himself on a path of self-discovery which included meeting the truck driver who had accidentally run him down 20 years before and ultimately, shedding the skin of an athlete that had bought him such acclaim. In this work, which follows his bestselling sports biography “Sucking the Marrow Out of Life”, there are lessons for us all: persistence, balance, humility, the value of community and friends, and, ultimately, self-belief.nnPaperback, 2009, 288pages, very good conditionnu.