Dare to Dream The John Britten Story by Felicity Price


Dare to Dream The John Britten Story by Felicity Price

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Dare to Dream The John Britten Story
By Felicity Price

John Britten was a visionary, a genius, a motivational legend of the late 20th century whose distinctive home-built bright pink and blue Britten motorcycle achieved iconic status world-wide. His achievements would never have happened if it hadn’t been for the dedicated team of people who went along for the ride – mechanics, engineers, designers, spray painters, riders, caterers, sponsors, family and friends. The bike, however, was just one of John’s dreams. There were many other projects he worked on – some were successful, some not. All along, John remained the boy who refused to grow up, the daredevil Peter Pan who would have a go at anything, utterly fearless of the consequences. This book is an explanation of the bike – why it was good and what is special about it – as well as the good times and bad times John and his team encountered on their way to achieving world recognition and fame. It also covers the other things John accomplished in his short lifetime – the beautiful things he built, the cars and bikes he owned, the adventures he had, the wondrous parties he threw. And it takes a close look at his family – his beautiful model wife Kirsteen, his children, his mother and sisters – to find out what shaped him into the visionary he became, what was so special about him and what might have happened if he hadn’t died.

Hardback, 2003 , 144 pages, very good condition