John Key Portrait of A Prime Minister


John Key Portrait of A Prime Minister

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John Key Portrait of A Prime Minister
By John Roughan

John Key’s two terms as Prime Minister are characterised by consistently high approval ratings and robust polling. As Key and his Government begin campaigning for a third term in Parliament, this in-depth portrait will give a clearer idea of Key, the man and politician. Journalist John Roughan has secured unprecedented access to John Key and his closest advisors. This book will provide insights into what motivates a multi-millionaire to become Prime Minister and examines his thoughts and aspirations. It will provide the clearest picture yet of what drives this country’s Prime Minister. The book will follow Key’s early life, starting with the break-up of his parents, his upbringing in a state house with an interesting Jewish refugee mother and his years at high school and university. It will follow his early career as a finance trader, his move into politics and his performance in power so far. Roughan will explore how Key’s political views were formed by his life experiences, and how his political decisions fit within the context of his life story. John Key and his wife Bronagh have agreed to be interviewed for the book.

Paperback, 2014 , 253 pages,good condition, name and address on end page/crease in cover