Bullets, Burgers & Baked Beans Warren Wright Story


Bullets, Burgers & Baked Beans Warren Wright Story

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Bullets, Burgers & Baked Beans The Warren Wright Story

Warren Wright’s amazing journey began when he realised one day at school that anything was within his grasp if he applied himself. From that day he made the most of every opportunity that came his way. As a husband and father, police officer and businessman, he has faced challenges from the 1981 Springbok Tour to a midwife who didn’t think men had any right to be involved in childbirth. He has helped run beauty contests, been menaced by gang members and ordered to get topless women off a beach by a former chief justice. He has a keen interest in helping young people develop their potential, and his wide ranging experience has seen him develop unique and provocative views on all sorts of issues, from crime to education and parenting.

Paperback, 2012, 201 pages, very good condition