What a Ride Mate! Life & Times of the Mad Butcher


What a Ride Mate! Life & Times of the Mad Butcher

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To be fair, mate, it’s been quite a journey.nnPeter Leitch is a legend in his own lifetime a larger-than-life character who left school at 15 and went on to build a nationwide chain of successful butchers’ shops and an a huge reputation as the loud, lively and unforgettable Mad Butcher.nnBehind the scenes he contributed time, money, energy and his heart and soul to countless charities (including a very grateful Allergy New Zealand) and good causes, while in public he championed rugby league and his beloved Kiwis and Warriors through thick and thin.nnFor the first time, he has allowed close friend Phil Gifford to write about the side his friends have always known, the faithful friend and self-made man who always knew where he was going, without ever forgetting where he’d been.nnIn a world of corporate high-flyers, business degrees and the old boys network, the working-class boy from Wellington succeeded with hard work, a handshake and a belief that a man’s word was his bond.nnIn a revealing glimpse into the private world of the King of the Sausage Sizzle, find out what makes the Butcher everybody’s mate.nnHard cover with dj, very good condition