The Price of Fortune The Untold Story of Being James Packer Hardback


The Price of Fortune The Untold Story of Being James Packer Hardback

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The Price of FortunenThe Untold Story of Being James PackernBy Kitney, DamonnnThe biography of James Packer.nJames Packer turns to Greek mythology in an attempt to explain the most exciting yet tumultuous period of his 50 years on earth.nn”I was like Icarus,” the billionaire tells his biographer, journalist Damon Kitney, of the heady days of 2016 when he broke up with pop star Mariah Carey, abandoned living in Hollywood and Israel, left the global casino stage, and divided the family fortune in a bitter separation from his sister.nn”I flew too close to the sun.”nnWith these words, Packer delves for the first time into the story behind his stunning public revelation in mid-March 2018 of his battle with mental health issues, which forced him to resign from the board of the Crown casino company he owns and loves.nnNever before has a member of the Packer family co-operated with a writer to tell their story. In his biography, The Price of Fortune, one of the nation’s richest and most psychoanalysed men opens up in an attempt to make sense of his rollercoaster life and to tell the human story of being James Douglas Packer. Of how his wealth, charm and intellect took him to such exciting places. Yet how sometimes trusting the wrong people and his own rash actions cost him money, friendships, his health and business reputation on the global stage – and how he is now working on getting it all back.nnnHardback, 2018, 408 pages, very good condition