Orchids : Wonders of Nature by Takashi Kijima


Orchids : Wonders of Nature by Takashi Kijima

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Orchids : Wonders of Nature by Takashi KijimannA unique collection of over 200 stunning photographs capturing the beauty of the wild orchidnnOrchids: Wonders of Nature is a beautifully illustrated guide to the world of wild orchids.Takashi Kijima’s stunning collection of photographs, published to commemorate the 12th World Orchid Conference in 1987, reflects the fragility and sensitivity of the wild orchid, it’s dramatic shapes and colors making it an excellent subject for photography.nnThese magnificent flowers first appeared on this planet nearly 200,000,000 years ago and have since spread from the equator to the Arctic Circle, from the Himalayas to Australia . The orchid family forms one of the largest in the plant kingdom with over 25,000 species worldwide. Here over 200 species are illustrated in glorious color, each with accompanying botanical notes detailing the species, its origins, individualcharacteristics, native habitat, blooming season and flowering size.nnTakashi Kijimah is best-known as a photographer of women, and here he has composed a book around the idea of using orchids to suggest different phases of a woman’s life, from childhood to maturity. Kijima’s thoughts on these beautiful flowers are recorded throughout, making this unique photographic collection a very personal celebration of one of the finest families in the plant kingdom. Kijima considers this collection the crowning achievement of decades dedicated to capturing the secrets and mysterious charm of orchids. Takashi Kijima is considered one of the greatest Japanese photographers and possibly the world’s best photographer of orchids.nnHardback, 1989, 205pages, very good condition, small tear/wear in jacket