Family: Moments Intimacy Laughter Kinship Family


Family: Moments Intimacy Laughter Kinship Family

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Family: Moments of Intimacy Laughter Kinship (MILK or M.I.L.K)

Each family, however modest its origin, possesses its own particular tale of the past – a tale which can bewitch us with as great a sense of insistent romance as can ever the tradition of kings. – Llewellyn Powys. The M.I.L.K. project was conceived to honour what it is to be part of a family. Look at the men, women and children on these pages. In their faces you will recognise yourself and your loved ones, for you, too, are a member of the great kinship that is the human family. As James McBride writes,

Large hardback, 2003, 164, very good condition, gift dedication in end page, fading in jacket