Close Friends by Vicky Ceelen


Close Friends by Vicky Ceelen

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Close Friends by Vicky CeelennClose Friends is a delightful keepsake volume pairing pictures of animals with photos of adorable babies in strikingly similar poses. Using the juxtaposition of the two images, photographer Vicky Ceelen perfectly captures the “kinship” that babies of all kinds share.nnClose Friendsreveals that human babies sometimes resemble the unlikeliest creatures. A new walker waddles as awkwardly as a baby duck. The satisfied smile of one toddler is mirrored by the placid smile of a turtle. Sharpei puppies and elephants could learn a thing or two about wrinkly skin from the babies on these pages. Where in nature are there roaring jaws as fierce as a lion’s, unless they are the jaws of a crying baby.nnInterspersed among these precious pictures are thoughts and quotations on the nature of friendship: Close Friends understand: “A friend is somebody you want to be around when you feel like being yourself.” nPaperback, 2002 , very good condition