Paint A ‘Licious Body Painting by Joanne Gair


Paint A ‘Licious Body Painting by Joanne Gair

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Paint A’Licious: The Pain-free Way to Achieving Your Naked Ambitionsnby Joanne Gairnn”New Zealand-born artist and image-maker Gair, who is best known for the “birthday suit” she painted on Demi Moore for Vanity Fair’s August 1992 cover, has dedicated her talents to helping other people realize their artistic visions. She’s done body painting for music videos by Madonna and Nine Inch Nails, for ad campaigns by Versace and Pirelli and for photo features in Playboy and Vogue. For this volume, however, Gair not only painted the bodies, she also wielded the camera and conceived the scenes. The result is exquisite body painting set into scenes of bawdy, almost adolescent humor. The images are organized around the idea that body painting can help people realize their fantasies.”nnnHardback, 2005, 128pages, very good condition