The Fundamentals of Drawing by Barrington Barber


The Fundamentals of Drawing by Barrington Barber

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The Fundamentals of Drawing
By Barrington Barber,

Learning to draw is no different from learning any other craft skill, and this highly illustrated book offers a step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to start drawing or to improve their skills. A teacher and established artist, Barrington Barber starts with absolute basics and moves on to shape, light, perspective and composition. He offers a wealth of know-how and practical advice, supported by examples at every stage. Plus there’s a detailed examination of natural form, life drawing and portraiture. The aim throughout is to help readers discover and develop their own unique drawing style.

Barrington Barber brings to the text and the illustrations of The Fundamentals of Drawing the invaluable experience of a working artist and teacher. Each section has been devised to offer a broad range of practice and advice for students of all levels. The contents include:

– Object Drawing and Still Life
– Perspective
– The Natural World
– Figure Drawing and Portraiture
– Composition
– Techniques
– Aids to Better Drawing

Packed with 350 illustrations and know-how accumulated over a lifetime, The Fundamentals of Drawing is an inspirational course for the aspiring artist.

Paperback, 208 pages, 2005, very good condition