Visions of New Zealand Artists in a New Land by Gordon H. Brown


Visions of New Zealand Artists in a New Land

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Visions of New Zealand Artists in a New Land
by Gordon H. Brown
With 190 illustrations, 56 in colour

From the time in 1642 when Isaac Gilsemans expanded Abel Tasman’s journal with his somewhat primitive impressions of the coast of the land we now know as New Zealand, to the romanticized visions of the rapidly developing new nation depicted by later Victorian visitors, a host of artists recorded what they saw. These men and women came from many walks of life; soldiers, sailors, explorers, botanists, geologists, missionaries, surveyors, pioneers, settlers and a few professional artists and authors. Together they left a fine and detailed picture of life in New Zealand from the time the first Europeans arrived.

Compiled by Gordon H. Brown, one of our most eminent art historians, ‘Visions of New Zealand’ traces the growth of the young country in a comprehensive portfolio of carefully selected paintings, drawings and prints, some never or rarely reproduced before. These are accompanied by appropriate extracts from contemporary writings, both published and unpublished.

Most of our early artists are represented here – Angas, Brees, Chevalier, Gully, Heaphy, Hodges, Hoyte, Kinder, O’Brien, Earle, Sharpe, Strutt, Wilson, Van der Velden, to list but a few.

Hardback, 1998 , 192 pages, very good condition, fading in cover/age spots on end page