The Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Artists


The Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Artists

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The Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Artists
Painters, Printmakers and Sculptors
By Kate McGahey.

First Published 2000
Paperback 296 pages very good condition

Dictionary format. Not illustrated. Short entries on artists from 19th and 20th century NZ.

Extremely useful, ideal for educational institutions and collectors, etc.

From Introduction

“The aim of The Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Artists: Painters Print-makers Sculptors is to offer reliable and accessible information about New Zealand painters, printmakers and sculptors from the 19th century to the present. This publication gives a brief overview of each artist, in terms of background, area(s) of work and (where possible) places their works can be seen.

The kind of information included sometimes varies. Some careers are more easily summarised than others; more information is available for some. For contemporary artists, I have tried to use information they have provided directly to me.

Deciding who to include in this publication has been difficult, because many artists work in a variety of media. This edition has placed the initial parameters around painting, printmaking and sculpture (including installation work). Excluded are artists working mainly in the media of photography, film and video, illustration, architecture, performance art, traditional indigenous art, and art and crafts. My objective for the future is either to include these artists in a revised edition, or to publish a separate book in which they are the focus.

I have concentrated on artists whose works are available for viewing in the public arena, such as in galleries, museums and public resources. Although the list of New Zealand public collections is not exhaustive, I have aimed to include the major ones. International public collections have been listed for expatriate artists only.”