Sean Chen Auckland Landmarks


Sean Chen Auckland Landmarks

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Sean Chen Auckland Landmarks
By Warwick Brown

Sean Chen’s paintings have found a ready market. His striking use of colour, luscious paint, expressionist style and sense of humour make him one of the more interesting representational painters at work in New Zealand today.

In this, the first full-length text on Chen, Warwick Brown, the artistƒ??s first dealer and a well-known art writer, considers why the pictures are so appealing. The copious illustrations are restricted to Chen’s studies of Auckland scenes, but nonetheless demonstrate the full range of his talents, including his lively drawings. Chen’s difficult early life in China during the Cultural Revolution is contrasted with his successful assimilation into the New Zealand business and art worlds. This is a book for all ages to dip into and enjoy – but it is by no means a common place souvenir picture book.

Paperback, 2008, 145pages, very good condition