Jane Evans by John Coley


Jane Evans by John Coley

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Jane Evans by John Coley

Jane Evans is one of New Zealand’s most successful artists. Her exuberant, colorful paintings attract collectors from around the world, and she has a waiting list of buyers for every work she creates. She has held sell-out exhibitions and seen her paintings auctioned for record prices.

But this success has not been easily achieved. At the age of eighteen, Jane Evans contracted systemic lupus erythematosus, a crippling and chronically painful condition, which affects the joints and the muscles surrounding them.

As John Coley recounts in this lively biography, Jane Evans kept her condition from the public for many years and has refused to let it interfere with her passion for painting and her enjoyment of a full and richly experienced life. As well as painting, she has also renovated two homes and created two gardens and traveled widely.

Superbly illustrated with over 100 reproductions of her works, more than 80 photographs by Lloyd Park of her home, garden and studio and brimming with the glorious color for which Jane Evans is famous, this book is a fitting tribute, visually and in words, to one of New Zealand’s best-loved artists.

Paperback, 2000, 112pages, very good condition