Big Picture A History of New Zealand Art from 1642 by Hamish Keith


Big Picture A History of New Zealand Art from 1642 by Hamish Keith

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Big Picture: A History of New Zealand Art from 1642n

by Hamish Keithnn1642?

Yes, we have an art history that dates back that far, to the engravings made during Tasman’s voyage that depict the first contact between European and Maori. In this tautly, provocatively and passionately argued history, leading art commentator Hamish Keith takes readers on a fascinating and illuminating exploration of our culture, of how artists and their works have provided the language that describes a fascinating and sometimes exhilarating account of peoples creating a new culture out of the old cultures they brought here with them, and then using that new culture to adapt and respond to new waves of people arriving with new old things. With over 300 illustrations, this remarkable survey of New Zealand’s art and culture is indispensable to our understanding of who we are.nn”Do adjust your sets. In The Big Picture, Hamish Keith, with his brisk, personal text will force you to refocus when you think about our cultural history. What I especially like is the books accessibility, and the audacity with which the author shapes strong opinions from his long association with New Zealand’s art, literature and history.” – Gordon McLauchlan.

Paperback, 2008, 304pages, very good condition