A Vision of Eden: The Life & Work of Marianne North


A Vision of Eden: The Life & Work of Marianne North

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A Vision of Eden: The Life and Work of Marianne North
by Graham Bateman

Published in collabaration with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Marianne North (24 October 1830 – 30 August 1890) was an English naturalist and botanical artist. The scientific accuracy with which she documented plant life in all parts of the world, before photography became a practical option, gives her work a permanent value. A number of plant species are named in her honour, including Areca northiana, Crinum northianum, Kniphofia northiana, Nepenthes northiana, and the genus name Northia.

At Charles Darwin’s suggestion she went to Australia in 1880, and for a year painted there and in New Zealand. Her paintings of Banksia attenuata, B. grandis and B. robur were highly regarded.

Publisher’s Note
Early Days and Home Life
Canada and the United States
Teneriffe – California – Japan – Singapore
Barneo and Java
Ceylon and Home
Second Visit to Borneo – Australia
New Zealand and the United States
South Africa
Seychelles Islands
Final Days
Biographical Note
List of Plants

Hardback, 1980, 240pages, in very good condition