Architecture Inspired by New Zealand Hard Cover


Architecture Inspired by New Zealand Hard Cover

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Architecture Inspired by New Zealand

This is that rare book – combining the best of New Zealand’s residential architecture together with photographs of some of our most spectacular and unique landscapes. The inspiration for the designs that are featured in the book have been largely informed by the nature of the environment, whether it’s our rugged West Coast, the stark tussock country of Central Otago, our southern lakes and mountains or outlying islands. Twenty-two of our top architects, many of them award-winners, discuss what drove their design and the factors they took into consideration concerning site, materials and approach. The designs they came up with are a unique and sympathetic response to the different environments. Each architectural project is introduced by a panoramic landscape photo of the area with text describing the region and stunning photos of the house. These convey the look as well as the feel of the design. Floor plans of each project are included at the back of the book to give a better overview of the layout. Architectural theorist Dr. Amanda Hyde de Krester’s commentary provides an intellectual rigour to the designs in a way that is thought-provoking but easily digested while Dave Sullivan gives a brief history and botanical information on each of the different regions that are featured. For anyone interested in leading edge architecture in some of New Zealand?s most beautiful and unique settings, Architecture – inspired by New Zealand is the perfect book.

Large hardback, 2006, 183pages, good condition, age spots on end page