Uncommon Enemy by John Reynolds (Signed)


Uncommon Enemy by John Reynolds (Signed)

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Uncommon Enemy by John ReynoldsnnPaperback, 2007 reprint, 232pages, signed for ex-ownernnWhat would life in New Zealand have been like if it had been occupied by Nazi Germany? Uncommon Enemy, a thriller, paints a realistic picture. Would New Zealanders have resisted or collaborated?nnHamish Beavis quickly joins the New Order and shows all the brutality of a collaborator towards his fellow New Zealanders. The beautiful Carol Peterson, carrying a dark secret, is pressured into an engagement with Hamish but is increasingly drawn towards Stuart Johnson who has joined the expanding resistance network. Carol?s crucial decision and its repercussions are set against a background of violence and betrayal in post-war New Zealand under Nazi rule.nnUncommon Enemy moves along at a fast pace and the reader will find it hard to put down. The novel paints a chilling picture of what so easily might have been – and what could occur in the future.nnJohn Reynolds, the author, has read and travelled widely to research the background for his first novel. The story carries conviction and the interplay of Kiwi culture and Nazi overlordship is convincingly drawn.