The Best of Bogor by Burton Silver


The Best of Bogor by Burton Silver

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The Best of Bogor – Burton Silver
21st Anniversary Edition. Large softcover published 1994, very good condition, name on end page/light wear in cover

Contains a “Happy Birthday Bogor” piece by Tom Scott.

Then folllows three, seven year segments of text and cartoons by Burton Silver:
* Pot Luck
* The Middle Years
* The Last Seven Years.

Bogor began life in a New Zealand pine forest in 1973, and at first spent all his time indulging his private fantasies with the trees he had to fell. When he first appeared on the drawing pad, he had enormous arms, a pimply nose as his head, a bare chest and visible legs. The hedgehog who scampered abour at his feetwas just a wisp of his present self and a lot easier to draw.

His cartoons were widely published in the NZ Listener.