The Sisterhood by Murray Ball


The Sisterhood by Murray Ball

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The Sisterhood by Murray Ball

Murray Balls kindly, sensitive, non-confrontational look at the state of womanhood in general and our womanhood in particular. The creator of Footrot Flats has turned his completely genderless and non threatening pen upon what he sees as the teeniest, tinest little mistakes the women’s movement might be making in their quest to rule the world in a completely non-sexiest women’s way: If you had been wondering what became of the male backlash you need look no further.

Murray Ball would rather not be specific about where he lives, but it is not a million miles from Mount Hikurangi. He lives a life of wild, eccentric non-conformity with a woman who is the only wife he ever had and whom he does not beat or molest.

And if this makes him a rebel, then so be it!

Paperback, 1993, 161pages, good condition