The Secret World of Wombats


The Secret World of Wombats

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The Secret World of Wombatsnby Jackie FrenchnnPaperback, 2005, 175pages, very good conditionnnA non-fiction book that explores everything you’ve ever wanted to know about wombats. Jackie French loves wombats. She’s been living with and studying them for over 30 years and they have been featured characters in many of her books. Now her beloved wombats take centre stage as Jackie reveals everything you have ever wanted to know about them – from their zoological history to habitation and habits. Jackie also shares some personal stories from her experiences living with these wonderful creatures. There are also wombat Q&As and wombat jokes sprinkled throughout the book. nnI have many books on sale, please check my listings or search aabooks with your keyword. I am happy to combine and save postage for you.