Gulliver’s Travels adapted by James Riodan


Gulliver’s Travels adapted by James Riodan

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Gulliver’s Travels adapted by James Riodan, Illustrated by Victor AmbrusnnHardback, 1992, 92pages, good conditionnnEmbark on a journey with one of the greatest world travelers of all time. Ride with him across the South Seas to the miniature island of Liliput, where people grow no taller than six inches high. Round the Cape of Good Hope to the land of Brobdingnag, home of giants tall as church steeples, and sail on to the exotic lands of Laputa, Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrip, and more. Share Gulliver’s incredible adventures, from his singlehanded defeat of an entire naval fleet (albeit one whose ships are toy boat-sized), to his harrowing abduction by a giant eagle, to his unfortunate dunking in a reservoir-sized pot of cream by a jealous dwarf!nThese are the stories of Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift’s classic tale of fantastic adventures in far-off lands, brilliantly retold by James Riordan in rich, vivid prose that captures all the whimsy and satire of the original in the modern language of today’s children. The illustrations by noted artist Victor Ambrus are rich and colorful, delicate in detail, strong in composition, and permeated with humor. And the insightful–often scathing–social commentary that Swift wove into his original tale remains intact, providing fascinating reading for adults as well as children.